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XF系列减速机,结合国际技术要求制造 ,具有很高的科技含量,节省空间,可靠耐用,承受过载能力高,功率可90KW以上,
能耗低,性能优越,减速机效高达95%以上 ,振动小嗓音低,
技术参数: 功 率:0.12KW~200KW <br>转 矩:3N·m~22500N·m <br>输出转速:0.06~374r/min
结构形式: D-轴伸式、底脚安装 FA-法兰式、空心轴
F-轴伸式、法兰安接 A-空心轴、底脚安装

Summary: F series reducer, combined with international manufacturing, technical requirements of high technology content, save a space, reliable and durable, bear, high power can overload ability 90KW a, Low energy consumption, superior performance and reducer effect of over 95%, little vibration, low voice, Energy saving, high quality forged steel, steel, cast iron material gear box after carbrization heat treatment, surface grinding gears precision processing, etc. Technical parameters: power: 0.12 KW ~ 200KW < > torque: Chinese 3N m. ~ 22500N m. < br > output speed: 0.06 ~ 374r/min Structure: D - the bottom out, install FA - flange, hollow shaft F - axis, Ann, flange stretched - the hollow shaft and the bottom installation ZS - input shaft